ATPA 2013

In this, it’s tenth year of interactive excellence, the Annual ATPA Symposium once again assembles a select grouping of the world’s premier dental and orthopedic practitioners, clinicians and technicians – all in the express interest of sharing professional ideas and advancements; exploring key treatment insights.

You’ll earn as many as 24 CE credits. You’ll gain automatic membership in the growing ATPA family of discerning dental practitioners – those who understand and appreciate the profound benefits of appliance therapy.

You’ll also be afforded the opportunity to register separately for a one-time only, limited-enrollment course workshop delivered by Dr. Rick DePaul, inventor of the groundbreaking Powerprox® Six Month Braces Technique.


Provider: This is a continuing education activity of the Smile Foundation. Commercial Support: This symposium has been made possible with commercial support as a service of the Smile Foundation. Educational Methods: This course is a live seminar. Registration: This course is provided at $1,495.00 for 24 CE Credits. Publication Date: Original Release Date: 2012, Reviewed 2012, Re released: November 2012, EXPIRATION DATE: November, 2015. Requirements for Successful Completion: To obtain 24CE contact hour for this educational activity you must attend, review the material, and complete the course evaluation. Authenticity Statement: The images in this course have not been altered. Scientific Integrity Statement: Information shared in this continuing education activity is developed from clinical research and represents the most current information available from evidenced-based dentistry. Information shared in this course is based on current information and evidence. Known Benefits and Limitations: Information in this continuing education activity is derived from data and information obtained from lectures. Educational Disclaimer: Completing a single continuing education course does not provide enough information to result in the participant being an expert in the field related to the course. Provider Disclosure: The Smile Foundation is supported in part by the Appliance Therapy Group, a commercial entity. No manufacturer or third party has had any input into the development of course content. The content of this course has been independently reviewed to assure that no commercial bias is present. CE Planner Disclosure: The planner of this course, Steve Gross discloses that he is Executive Director of the Smile Foundation as well as President and – Managing Partner of Success Essentials – Space Maintainers Laboratory, A Member of the Appliance Therapy Group. Target Audience: This course is intended for dentists, dental hygienists, and assistants, from novice to skilled. Cancellation / Refund Policy: As this course is offered with no refund is offered to participants. As a symposium, no cancellation policy is in effect. Please direct all questions pertaining to The Smile Foundation 9139 Lurline Ave. Chatsworth CA 91311 1-800-423-3270.